Lifestyle Package


Dimension: 24mm H x 22mm W x 12mm D 1000g

Price: S$384

Complete this package in TWO weeks and experience the healthiness!

Herbal Treasure Lifestyle Package 
Excessive body weight has been related to many health issues; particularly cardiovascular problem, knee and hip pain, insulin resistance diabetes and circulatory issues. Herbal Treasure Lifestyle Package promotes healthy weight management using effective daily diet, primarily by:

(1) Cleansing the body with natural fibres
(2) Reducing daily calories intake
(3) Facilitates the metabolism of fatty acid
(4) Regulates the absorption of fats and carbohydrates

Optimal weight control is achievable by this package, which contains organic fibres, phtonutrients, enzymes, vegetableomega oil, active flavonoids and immunity support. It is a wholesome approach for maintaining digestive, circulatory and immunity systems.

Herbal Treasure Cordyceps Organic Oat Porridge is a balance breakfast or light meal with a combination of functional nutrients, aims to regulate bowel movement and supports intestinal health. A single serving of this meal provides high fibre (5g) and low calories (126kcal). 

Recommended preparation:
1. Pour oatmeal porridge into a bowl.
2. Pour 250 ml of hot water and stir well.
3. Rest for 2 minutes before consumption. 

This unflavoured porridge can be taken as it is, or seasoned with milk, honey, nuts, fruits or other condiment of choice. This product is suitable for vegetarian and diabetic consumer.

Cordyceps has traditionally been used to support kidney and respiratory system, boost immune system and increase physical energy. Our premium grade Cordyceps Capsule is exclusively formulated to support vitality and active lifestyle.

Direction of use: 
Take 2 capsules before breakfast and lunch.

Our Hawthorn Seed product contains a unique blend of berry and herbs to increase the metabolism of excess body fats. It helps to regulate bowel frequency, lower blood pressure and clear blood lipid. It increases the bowel frequency during the initial few days.

Direction of use: 
Take 2 capsules after lunch and dinner.

Oolong teacombines the health benefits of both green tea and black tea. Traditionally used to reduce blood cholesterol, combats free radicals and prevents skin irritation. Natural phyto-ingredients like caffeine, flavonoid EGCG and ECG can boost your metabolism rate by increasing the bodily energy expenditure and fat oxidation (up to 12%). In addition, Oolong tea can burns over 157% more fat than green tea.

The polyphenols in Herbal Treasure specially fermented Oolong tea helps to block absorption of excessive carbohydrates and fat. With balanced nutrients and minerals, the herbal tea is a natural remedy to stomach discomfort, constipation and prevents teeth decay.

Recommended preparation:
Step 1 –Add 1 pack of tea leaves to the teapot
Step 2 – Pour boiling water into the teapot
Step 3 – Allow to simmer for 1~2 minutes before pouring into cups
Step 4 – Each tea bag can make up to 2 x 500ml of drink

Fresh Oolong Tea should be consumed after lunch, best consume while it is warm. 

* Women who are pregnant, menstruating, and patients with stomach ulcers are to seek medical advice before consumption. 

Excessive weight is linked to a greater production of cholesterol, and an imbalance in HDL and LDL cholesterol. Our highest-grade Perilla oil soft capsule is extracted from pure Perilla leaves. This traditional oil has been used before animal (fish) oil is commercialized. Phyto-nutrients such as essential omega-3 oil and alpha-linolenic (AHA) acid have shown to regulate blood cholesterol, enhance cardiovascular functions, lower chances of obesity and better brain development.

Direction of use:
Take 2 capsules after dinner

**The results of this recommended dietary guide are vary with different individuals, effect is more significant with daily exercise