Ginseng Giftbox

UOM: Presentation gift box

Dimension: 450mm H x 55mm W x 20mm D 1065g

Price: S$399 (with free $80 talk time)

Wild Panax Ginseng with Certification included

400 years ago, China began the mass cultivation of ginseng, mainly in the Jilin Changbai Mountain area.  Ginseng cultivation has a unique land requirement - the soil must be free from contaminants such as fertilizers. Traditionally, after a decade of cropping, the soil system deteriorates and the land cannot be reused, leading to a scarcity of land for good quality ginseng cropping.

Herbal Treasure works closely with our partner in China - the YangTze Delta Region Institute of TsingHua University in Zhejiang - to develop and adopt the MECT technique in cultivating the best breed ginseng seedlings. We have secured clean land sources in providing us with superior ginseng products, all endorsed by independent quality control authorities.  

The Chinese Pharmacopoeia has indicated that Ginseng can

       Revitalize the inborn energy flow (Yuan-Qi)

       Strengthen immunity with the Ginsenosides

       Tone the lungs and spleen and improve digestion

       Provide relief from serious exhaustion, anaemia and circulatory blockages due to weak Qi

       Calm the mind and relieve nervousness

Wild ginseng is grown in the deep forest without human intervention. The authenticity of wild ginseng can be differentiated from cultivated ginseng via external examination such as shape, color, size, roots, texture etc. All Herbal Treasure Wild Ginseng comes with a serialized certificate. The medicinal efficacy of wild ginseng is unquestioned, and it is ranked second in the traditional nourishment herb. It is indeed one of the best options for:

       New mothers (as a baby shower gift)

       Patients recovering from major operations

       Silver-aged for regulating energy


Wild Ginseng is a delicate herb and has to be stored in a cool dry place.

Some people may experience side effects such as headaches, nose bleeding, skin rashes, vomiting or swelling. Should this occur, stop taking ginseng immediately and seek medical help.

Wild ginseng should be taken in moderation, with frequency less than 2 times every 10 days. Each dosage should be less than 0.3g in powder or 10g in soup preparation.

Avoid rich tea/coffee, spicy/sour food and radish intake 1 day before and after wild Ginseng intake.

It is best to consult a Chinese physician if you have any doubts