Cordyceps Oat Porridge

UOM: Box of 15 sachets (Each sachet 33g)

Dimension: 270mm H x 130mm W x 90mm D 620g

Price:S$60 (with free $15 talk time)

Cordyceps Oat Porridge with Flaseed, Grapeseed and Konjac

Cordyceps Organic Oat Porridge is an ideal light meal for your breakfast or snack time. It is a unique combination of whole food full of nutrients that are well known to nourish our body and well-being. A single serving of this meal gives more than 5g of fibre. The fibre in this meal is also truly unique –while most foods provide more insoluble fibre and little soluble fibre, Cordyceps Organic Oat Porridge comes with higher amount of soluble fibre – delivering unparalleled benefits. 

A small Cordyceps Organic Oat Porridge gives 1000mg of Omega-3-6-9 – similar to the quantity in a typical supplement gel. The Omega-3-6-9 proportion in this meal is also unique: every part of Omega-6 has 3 parts of Omega-3. This is in sharp contrast to most other food where Omega-6 is the predominant fat. Cordyceps Organic Oat Porridge helps to correct the imbalance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats in our body. 

The power of Cordyceps Organic Oat Porridge is further enhanced by providing 50mg of powerful OPC (Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins) from grapeseed. This amount is equivalent to a grapeseed capsule you can buy from health stores (not the same price though!). In addition, 1 g of Cordyceps powder is added in each sachet to provide extra benefits for you!

In short, Cordyceps Organic Oat Porridge is a light meal packed with Fibre, Omega-3-6-9 and Antioxidants! It is the first and only such product in the world.

Recommendation per Serving:

33g per sachet added with 250ml of warm water. It can be blended with your favourite fruits, honey, or fresh milk.