Cordyceps Cistanche Capsules

UOM: 60 vegi-caps in bottle

Dimension: 125mm H x 90mm W x 75mm D 125g

Price: S$88 (with free $25 talk time)

Cordyceps Cistanche Capsules with Rhodiola and L-Carnitine (300mg)

With expert herbalist formulation, Herbal Treasure offers one of the best health supplements available to consumers. Herbal Treasure Cordyceps Cistanche Capsules are produced under stringent Singapore health standards. The pure natural cultivated Cordyceps is suitable for vegetarians, and can be consumed regularly without any known contraindications or adverse side effects. 

Cistanches are known as "Desert-Living Ginseng" by the Japanese and is a premium herb used to enhance memory. Traditionally used to improve fertility and seminal emission, it is known to help nourish the kidney and to raise energy levels due to two active ingredients - Acteoside and Echinacoside.

Rhodiola is a precious herb which improve oxygen circulation and enhances mental and physical performance. It replenishes the "qi" (vital energy) in our body, clears the lung system, improves the circulatory system, and dissipates swelling and bruises. Clinically, it demonstrates anti-oxidant effects, anti-hypoxia fatigue benefits, anti-radiation abilities, de-toxification of blood system, and it regulates blood glucose levels.


1. Invigorates the kidney and supplements our vital essence

2. Promotes bowel movement

3. Supplies vital energy, exhilarative and restorative effect

4. Increases the availability of oxygen

Recommended Maintenance Dosage:

2 capsules, twice a day.


Suitable for vegetarians.

Store in a cool, dry place